"To assist him [and her] who has borne the brunt of battle" --Abraham Lincoln

Finding a new job has never been easy.

As a veteran, you can get a much-needed competitive edge in today's tough labor market by visiting CNY Works. Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, thinking about a training program, seeking information on assistance with basic veterans benefits, or are recently separated from the military, our skilled veterans staff is ready to give you the priority service you deserve.

You served your country well, let us serve you!

Definition of "Veteran"

Veterans Links

Veterans Reintegration Resources of Central New York

Veterans Employment Hotline

As a veteran, you receive priority service in all New York State Employment and Training programs. We have Veterans' Employment Representatives, who are veterans themselves, specifically trained to assist you in transitioning from the military, finding a new job, or starting a new career! Some of the services we provide include assistance with: 

  • Career assessment
  • Referral to jobs
  • Resume preparation assistance
  • Information on Federal, State, and Local Civil Service opportunities
  • Job search planning
  • Labor Market Information
  • Information on direct appointment to Civil Service positions
  • Referral to other agencies that provide services to veterans

Your Veterans Representatives at CNY Works:

Bill Burns 315-477-6908

Matt Sheehan 315-477-6919